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      SIGCOMM 2019 Tutorial Edits (#272) · 76a9067d
      sibanez12 authored
      * Updated the utils/run_exercise.py to allow exercises to customize
      host configuration from the topology.json file.
      Now hosts and `ping` each other in the basic exercise. Other Linux
      utilities should work as well (e.g. iperf).
      mininet> h1 ping h2
      PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
      64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=62 time=3.11 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=62 time=2.34 ms
      64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=62 time=2.15 ms
      --- ping statistics ---
      3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2003ms
      rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 2.153/2.540/3.118/0.416 ms
      mininet> pingall
      *** Ping: testing ping reachability
      h1 -> h2 h3
      h2 -> h1 h3
      h3 -> h1 h2
      *** Results: 0% dropped (6/6 received)
      Only updated basic exercise, still need to update other exercises.
      Also, updated the root-bootstrap.sh because I was running into issues
      with latest version of vagrant.
      * Accidentially added the solution to the basic exercise in the previous
      commit. Undoing that here ...
      * Updated the topology.json file and table entries for the basic_tunnel
      * Updated P4Runtime exercise with new topology and table entries.
      * Fixed MAC addresses in P4Runtime exercise. It is working now.
      * Fixed MAC addresses in P4Runtime exercise starter code
      * Updated ECN exercise to use new topology.json file. Updated the
      table entries / MAC addresses as well.
      * Updated the topology.json file and table entries for the MRI exercise.
      * Updated source_routing exercise with new topology file and verified
      correct functionality.
      * Updated load_balance exercise with new topology.
      * Moved basic exercise triangle topology into a separate folder
      * Added new topology for the basic exercise: a single pod of a fat-tree.
      * Updated Makefiles and run_exercise.py to allow exercises to configure
      each switch with a different P4 program. This is mainly for the
      firewall exercise.
      * Updated Makefiles of project to work with new utils/Makefile
      * Updated load_balance and p4runtime exercise Makefiles
      * Initial commit of the firewall exercise, which is a simple stateful
      firewall that uses a bloom filter. Need to update README files
      * Initial commit of the path_monitor exercise. It is working but still
      need to update the README and figure out what we want the tutorial
      attendees to implement.
      * Updated README file in firewall exercise. Also removed the bits
      from the starter code that we want the tutorial attendees to
      * Renamed path_monitor exercise to link_monitor
      * Updated the README in the link_monitor exercise and removed the
      bits from the starter code that we want the tutorial attendees
      to implement.
      * Updated README for the firewall exercise
      * Adding pod-topo.png image to basic exercise
      * Added firewall-topo.png image to firewall exercise
      * Added link-monitor-topo.png to link_monitor exercise
      * Updated README files to point to topology images
      * Updated top-level README to point to new exercises.
      * Fixed link for VM dependencies script in README
      * Updated bmv2/pi/p4c commits
      * Updated README files for exercises to fix some typos and added
      a note about the V1Model architecture.
      * Added a note about food for thought in the link_monitor README
      * Updated the firewall.p4 program to use two register arrays rather
      than a single one. This is to make the design more portable to
      high line rate devices which can only support a single access
      to each register array.
      * Minor fix to firewall exercise to get rid of compiler warning.
      * Updated comment in firewall exercise.
      * Minor (typo) fixes in the firewall ReadMe
      * More info in firewall exercise ReadMe step 2
      * Updated firewall.p4 to reuse direction variable
      * More testing steps, small fixes in firewall exercise Readme
      * Added food for thought to firewall Readme
      * Cosmetic fixes to firewall ReadMe
      * Made a few updates to the basic exercise README and added more
      details to the link_monitor exercise README.
      Also added a command to install grip when provisioning the VM.
      This could be useful for rendering the markdown README files offline.
      * Updated top level README so it can be merged into the master branch.
      * Moved cmd to install grip from root-bootstrap to user-bootstrap
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      P4 Developer Day May 2019 (#252) · 01fc3780
      Nate Foster authored
      * Update user-bootstrap to use latest version (#251)
      * p4c tests are failing in latest version. So, let's skip it during vagrant provisioning
      * Update tutorial to use latest version of P4 tools
      Modify switch.py to handle setting default_action
      Use --p4runtime-files instead of deprecated --p4runtime-file and
      --p4runtime-format flags
      Provide standard_metadata for mark_to_drop
      * Fix path for ECN exercise
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      Update README.md · 6a5e60c6
      Nate Foster authored
      Add disclaimer for folks running the bootstrapping scripts manually.
  13. 08 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      Update README.md (#220) · a264b3de
      David Lu authored
      Modify the title "Step 2" to "Step 1" and "Step 3" to "Step 2" because there is no "Step 1"
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      Better output for debugging P4Runtime gRPC errors · e3ef4d14
      Antonin Bas authored
      P4Runtime uses a "complex" error message format to report errors for
      batched Write & Read RPC requests. Some effort is required to parse the
      error messages appropriately in order to print some useful debugging
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